Tackle Communication Tasks Safely on the Road in a Chrysler 300

While traveling through Benton Harbor in a Chrysler 300, you can maneuver around traffic and take calls while keeping your eyes on the road. The main technology that will give you this opportunity is Apple CarPlay. You can examine this system after stepping into one of the Chrysler 300 that's available at Brookfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

Apple CarPlay is a technology that interacts with a smartphone. If you connect it to an iPhone, you can make calls, receive calls, and communicate with people using text messages. Apple CarPlay can also play songs that are stored on your phone. Because the system recognizes voice prompts, your safety is never at risk when you use Apple CarPlay to respond to text messages or make calls.

The Chrysler 300 also has other technologies that increase safety. If you use these tools along with Apple CarPlay while driving the Chrysler 300, you'll boost your awareness on the road.

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