All-Wheel Drive or 4-Wheel Drive: Which One is Best for Me?

Here at Brookfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we understand that our clients have traveled around shopping for a vehicle and have wondered what the difference is between all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. The simple answer is all-wheel drive gives power to all the wheels constantly, all the time. 4-wheel drive gives power to wheels that slip or has the least traction.

There are two good reasons to get a 4-wheel drive vehicle: the power it provides and the option of when to use it. When in use, the gears in 4-wheel drive provide tremendous power. When stuck on a friction-less surface such as mud or ice, or need to climb over irregular surfaces such as rocks, 4-wheel drive works wonders. Furthermore, using this consumes more fuel. So, the option to turn it off and on saves fuel.

This system is automated. No need to turn off nor on any 4-wheel drive function. You can drive on any surface or in any conditions and have an average peak performance. You don't have to worry about switching gears and wear and tear on those.

If you are in Benton Harbor, MI, be sure to stop by so we can answer any questions you have; even go further into detail regarding 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Plan your visit today!

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