Don't End Up with a Holiday Disaster: Food Travel Tips

As the holiday season rolls around again, families come together and unite with food. Although food is great on the plate and in the belly, it isn't so great on the floor of your car. Here a few tips to get more in your mouth and less in the seat:

  • Package food in sturdy containers with locking lids. This way, if something does fall on the floor, it won't spill.
  • Utilize unused seatbelts for your dishes. This will help keep all of the plates from moving around. It's even better to get the help of a passenger to look over the food in transit.
  • Take multiple trips for carrying food to and from the car. Don't overwork yourself to the point of dropping delicious dessert on the front doorstep!

Try these tips out at your next family gathering for a mess-free night. Happy holidays!

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