Know the Actual Cost of Car Ownership

It is exciting to be planning on buying your first automobile. Some of us have saved for a long time to purchase our dream car. What we end up forgetting is that the price we pay upfront is not the only expense. That is why we here at Brookfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM want to educate you on the other costs to consider or remember.

  • Monthly payments. If you're buying your car in installments, you have to put into account the amount you will be paying.
  • Insurance. This is done annually, and it is vital because your insurance covers you and your vehicle against what it is you insure it against.
  • Gas. Remember, you cannot drive without fuel to run your car. So consider whether your car is a fuel guzzler or a more fuel-efficient choice.
  • Maintenance and repairs. Purchasing an automotive, which is expensive to repair, it will take a toll on your resources.

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