Why Service at Our Benton Harbor Dealership is Better than Small Repair Shops

When it comes to your car needing to be serviced, choosing where to have it serviced can be a hard decision to make. If you have recently purchased your vehicle, you will want to go back to the dealership to have it serviced. This helps to make sure that your warranty is followed when working to make changes to the car.

If you want to save money on the servicing of your vehicle, you can visit a small repair shop however those shops are usually over full and will take a while to get to your vehicle to have it serviced. If you want to visit the dealership for the service, some of the warranty is going to cover some of the repairs that would need to be done on your vehicle. When you purchase your vehicle, you will get a warranty card that covers the repairs that the dealer will be responsible for. If there is anything else that needs to be repaired, the cost will usually come out of pocket until a deductible is covered or until the lease or financing is upon the vehicle.

For more information regarding the efficiency of a dealership over a third-party mechanic, stop in and experience our work ethic for yourself at Brookfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM!

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